Tuesday, July 28, 2009

party time

My friend Julie turned 18 last week! Of course we had a party. But not the typical party expected to be had by a bunch of teenagers. No alcohol, no silliness. It was nice and civilized. A lovely dinner followed by present time and a movie (Serendipity). A great night all up in my books.

Me and the birthday girl

Jules and Jordan
The lovely Catherine and JulieLockey and Bethanie.

The Girls.
Lockey is enthused by both the party itself and the pretty girl hanging off him.
Obviously.Due to a lack of chairs, this is how we watched the movie.
Kinda hurts your hip after a while.


Peter Friend said...

Sweet straightner curls Lexi!!

Miss you.. wish you were coming this weekend!!!
Zoey x (using Pete's computer)


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