About Me!

A little bit of background...

My name is Alexie and I'm twenty years old. Growing up I changed my mind weekly about what I'd be when I was an 'adult'. From a car salesman (so I could have a new car every week) to the Minister of Agriculture (I had a thing for both cows and politics - it made sense at the time) all the way  to an Olympic swimmer (which is funny seeming as how I've never exactly been a good swimmer and my experiences consist of mainly drowning). I'd be excited about the prospect of my future every time I picked a career but somehow that excitement would always wear off and I'd realise that I didn't actually want to sell cars everyday, debate the impact of cows on the environment or drown swim in a pool. The closer I got to my senior years of high school the more I began to stress about the future and what I'd do. 

The 'life defining moment'...

My mum's friend had a baby. I know that sounds weird - that the birth of a friend's baby could define my purpose - but it really did. She was born in the morning and I got to go and see her in the hospital that afternoon. It was the first time I can remember seeing a baby that was only a few hours old and boy was she beautiful! I looked down at her and I thought.. 'I could do this. I could deliver babies'. I'd always loved newborns and at that moment I couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life. A year later, when I was in year eleven, I was privileged enough to actually attend the birth of a friend's baby to 'make or break' my career choice. You can read all about that experience here.  All I can say is... it definitely confirmed that I was on the right path! 

Since then...

I am busy completing my Bachelor of Nursing before I continue onto a postgraduate degree (and the hopefully Masters) in Midwifery. I have HUGE visions for the future and God has given me some pretty big dreams to fulfill. This blog is a place for me to share about my life and my journey, debrief my experiences and share the wonder of childbirth and all things midwifery.

I hope you enjoy reading and thanks for following my journey!

Alexie xx


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