Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick’s Day.

As an ex-Irish Dancer I feel I have a little responsibility to write a post dedicated to this dear old holiday – mainly because I was involved in it for so many years. This year marks the first year in a LONG time that I haven’t been at a pub dancing/watching my sister dance.

The pub down the road from my work opened bright and early this morning at 8am. Slightly unusual. It had 2 patrons waiting outside the gate at 7.55am and the Irish music was pumping away by 8.05am.

By the time I left work this afternoon to drop the mail at the post office the pub was absolutely packed. I mean people crammed inside and out with a fairly decent sized line outside to get in. There was green and orange everywhere I looked. Women with green spray painted in their hair, men sporting orange shirts, balloons, streamers, the whole shebang. An ambulance was there on its first of, no doubt, many trips. A live band had just started up and people were well on their way to getting drunk.

Now imagine a group of 7 – 16 year old entering that environment. Well that was me and the troupe I belonged to. Don’t get me wrong I loved every second of performing for the drunks – mostly because they loved us no matter how crap we may or may not have been. But its the whole being hit on by sleazy men, getting beer spilled on you and having young men come and pelvic thrust right next to you that I’m not going to miss this year. I really don’t think the Irish Pub will be graced with my presence on St Patrick’s Day ever again really.

My contribution to old St Paddy this year? The green leaves on my floral cardigan and the green Apple flavoured lollipop for the bus trip home.


Dancing at St Patrick’s Day. And before you ask – no I’m not bored.. I’m concentrating.


My most favourite dancing photo of all time. During an exhibition my wig fell off  and landed right in the middle of the dance floor. My best friend pictured with me and I could not stop laughing. we laughed so hard I believe I even had to stop dancing at one point.

Monday, March 15, 2010

School Photos

I decided to play along with Kelly.

Then I realised I don’t really have any school photos from Primary school because my family never bought them. People always think that's weird but it was so normal for us we never even asked.

I have one school photo from when I was in grade 5. One of those cute little family ones with my little brother. But the photo is hideous for two main reasons:

1. A have the most insane windburn. I look like I’ve taken a handful of strawberry jam and smeared it all around my mouth
2. A girl in my class thought it would be funny to cut a section of my hair. Right at the front. I don't know how she did it but she managed to cut a huge chunk of my hair without me even realising it (until I got home and Mum pretty much freaked). The result – a weird spiky looking fringe that required a very wide headband for a couple of months.

So I won’t be gracing my blog with that photo anytime soon.

I have my year 12 photo but I really can’t be bothered scanning it to the computer. so I'm giving you the next best thing. My last ever school photo used for our graduation ceremony. I’m particularly proud of it because I’d just got my braces off the day before. Hence the huge smile.



One day soon I’ll dedicate a post to all my ID cards. Then you can get a real picture of how I looked at school.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bethanie & Lachlan

I won’t try and describe the night. I’ll leave that up to Zoey (she’s the writer in the family anyway).

But a picture says a thousand words and does a way better job than I could.


In case you can’t tell from the pictures.. she said yes.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My new favourite.

So 4 Norwegian singers got together and did a tour around Europe. The result?


Best version since Jeff Buckley?

I think so.

Never Think



WARNING. This blog post will not be kind to Rob Pattinson. Die hard fans turn away now.

If you haven’t listened to Rob’s song Never Think you can go here to have a listen – just so you know what I’m talking about.

My friend gave me the Twilight soundtrack a while ago but because it was on iTunes formatting I never got the chance to listen to it until now thanks to my lovely new iPod Nano. Most of the songs I like but this one has to be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard.

Alexie’s Top 5 Reason’s Why ‘Never Think’ Sucks:

1. The intro is waaaaay to long. Yes the guitar rift is quite pretty but after 1 min and 17 seconds you start to wonder if there is more to life.
2. What the hell is he even saying??? It sounds like he’s taken one too many sleeping tablets and is struggling to open his mouth wide enough to say any words. All I hear are a series of vowels ‘ahhhhh’ ‘ooooohhh’.
3. The actual lyrics suck. I looked them up. Out of pure curiosity. My favourite verse?

Once I put my coat on
I'm coming out in this all wrong
She's standing outside holding me
Saying oh please
I'm in love
I'm in love

Yeah okay. I totally get that. Not.
4. Its repetitive. I guess that's mostly because you cant tell what he’s saying – but its the same melody the whole way through. No harmonies, no real variation. Boring.
5.The only reason this song is even known is because they featured it on Twilight. There is no way it would have been signed otherwise.

I guess what I’m trying to say is:

Rob if you think you’re a good musician, then no. You should never think.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ode to Pay Slip

Oh Pay slip.
With your white page and black ink
What I’d do without you - I hate to think

Oh Pay slip.
I haven’t known you long
But I can tell that we belong

Oh Pay slip.
I am now employed
And you make me overjoyed.


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