Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bunya Mountains

Day 1
Was awoken at 6am by my father. Lovingly told him to 'get lost' before being equally lovingly reminded to 'up and at em' as we needed to 'get this show on the road'. Rolled out of bed onto my sister who has been sleeping on my floor due to my Oma currently occupying her room. Finished packing, ate breakfast and hopped in the car.
Looooong car drive interspersed with chronic coccyx pains, sweet tunes from my iRiver and feeling woozy from the windy roads. Finally arrived at Bunya Mountains. Checked in. Drove up the driveway of Pademelon Lodge and was greeted by lots (when I say lots I mean up to 17 being visable at any one time without even moving your head) of Pademelons. Like this little guy:
Explored the house (which was really really cute), claimed and made my bed before heading downstairs to relax in front of the fire. Took a walk to the general store and Cafe where we had coffee before going back home. Ate dinner. Attempted to watch NCIS but reception sucked so I went to bed.

Day Two
Was awoken early morning by my niece. Oh well she's cute. Got ready for the day, ate breakfast. Family decided it would be fun to go on a bush walk.

Pete carried Mayana on his front. She was adorable. She fell asleep by resting her head on her
shoulder and remained that way for a good 45 minutes. Wished I was a baby and could sleep instead of walking. Dodged the Pademelon poop and finally arrived at the beginning of the bush track.

Had fun being Zoey's walking buddy. Got sick of walking. Started cramping. Got pushed up hills by Pete. Laughed very hard at my brother risking his life to help Mum across a beam:
Got sick of walking again. Rested. Walked. Rested. Walked. Etc. Finally reached the end of the track. Resolved never to go on a walk labelled 'short' by my father ever again. Relaxed at home. Ate scrummy dinner consisting of: dips, crackers, a selection of cheeses, cold meats, sundried tomatoes, Turkish bread, olives. Watched Closing the Ring. Went to bed.

Day Three
Was awoken early by niece again. Oh well she's cute. Family decided to go on a day trip to wineries and Kingaroy. Off we go. In the car with Mayana. Looked after Mayana while the over 18's sampled a selection of wines from a selection of wineries. Got to Kingaroy. Looked in Information Centre, museum and Art Gallery. Discovered something that makes Mayana very happy:
Basically, you grab her hands and make her hit Jordan in the face while he jumps back and makes grunting/ouch! noises. She laughs and laughs. Couldn't help myself. Made them pose for this photo.

Now everytime she starts to get a bit upset we pull out this trick and she is extemely happy again. Oh how I love my little niece.

Went out for a lovely lunch at RimFire Winery. Yummy yummy yummy.

Went to Lavender Farm.

Was really cute sort of French Country style with a nice view. And very expensive country styled things to buy. Therefore didn't buy anything. Walked around with Zoey. Took pictures of flowers. Took pictures of furniture that I will one day buy.
Went home.

Found a really pretty view. Dragged Zoey, Mum and Mayana over to it to take some nice pictures.

Ate dinner very similar to Day Two. Played Scattegories with the family. Has to be one of the best games of all time. Went to bed.

Day Four
Was awoken early by my niece. Nothing new here. I'm used to it. Packed up all my stuff before heading downstairs to eat a very nice breakfast of bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns, tomatoes and musherooms (for those that actually eat them). Helped Oma with the kitchen. Packed up the rest of the house. Checked out. On the road again. Stopped at another winery. Arrived at Toowoomba. Went shopping. Brought 3 new bra's and new PJs. Went to Zaraffa's. Had a White Chocolate Fusion. Went out to dinner at the City Golf Club. Had fettucine with roasted lamb, sundried tomatoes, garlic, basil and parmesan. And Lemon Meringue for dessert. Felt sufficiently full afterwards. Went back to Zoey's. Watched tv. Went to sleep. Slept pretty poorly due to a combination of my snoring brother and teething niece. She's cute and can get away with it. He's not so cute therefore he gets kicked and told politely to 'shut up'.

Day Five
Woke up. Watched Hannah Montana and H20 - Just Add Water. Packed up my stuff for the last time. Said goodbye to the Friend's. Gave Oma a big hug as I wont see her til November. Got in the car. Stopped at Kilcoy. Ate one of the best pies of all time. Got home.

End of Holiday. Back to the real world.


Zoey said...

aah you make me giggle, lol. Except you're a lil mixed up sis, we had yummy slow cooked roast beef for dinner on day two, and had lunch at the bell tower restaurant. Rimfire was the winery we went to on the last day ;-) Plus, I was the one who dragged you over to the view! hehe.

Mayana is sick :( I think she has a cold.

Alexie said...

Jordan mixed me up! I asked him what was on what day and he lied! Arg! Give her a kiss from me.


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