Monday, October 10, 2011

Point & Shoot – new camera, new baby & surprise visitors!

What an eventful weekend!

Friday - I was on the train to Uni bright and early Friday morning when my lovely youth pastor and friend, Michelle, called me to announce that she had given birth to her newest daughter in the wee hours of the morning. Little Macey Clare was born at 12.40am weighing 7 pounds, 8 ounces and measuring 51cm. I stopped in on my way home from Uni for an introduction and a cuddle!

IMG_0657[1]   IMG_0658[1]   IMG_0660[1]

(from left to right) First cuddles.                     Macey Clare.                        Mother and daughter.

Saturday - I purchased a camera of my own. I generally use my iPhone camera which, lets face it isn’t the best quality in the world, but with a Perth holiday coming up very very soon (which is sooooo exciting by the way!) I decided that I needed my own compact to capture holiday memories.

Sunday – Church and an afternoon of visits from friends and a surprise visit from the ‘Friends’. I always love when my sisters come home even if just for a few hours and we were blessed with a visit from Zoey, Pete & Mayana.

October 006(2) October 014 October 035     October 026

(From top right to bottom left) One of my friends from church, Amelia, and I / The boys – Jordan, Pete & Papa / Zoey and Mayana having cuddles / Mayana and her Opa.

Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine was. If you want to play along.. head to the Sunny + Scout to join in the fun!

I’ll leave you with my favourite picture from the weekend…

October 019(2)

My gorgeous niece and I!


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