Wednesday, July 22, 2009

back to school

image: deviant art

My last ever term 3 of High School.
Suddenly I'm in a world of Uni applications, QCS, major assessments and lectures. It's all happening very fast, I kinda just want it to slow down for a second so I can think. Think about what I'm doing next year (hopefully I get the traineeship at the hospital), where I am going to uni in 2010 (narrowed it down to QUT, UQ and ACU), where I am going to live in 2010 (either at home, part time home and part time Brisbane, or Brisbane).
Too much to decide in too little time!


carly_grace said...

i loved that time.

it seems like its going fast but when you finish up at school and wait for uni or your traineeship should be a huge break in between.

breathe. and dream big xx


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