Saturday, July 18, 2009

last few days

Tuesday night I developed a bit of a snuffy nose and very achy legs. Didn't really think too much of it so just had a panadol and went to bed. Then proceeded to have the worst night's sleep of my life thanks to hot/cold flushes, ache spreading over entire body, head ache, extremely blocked nose and very sore chest combined with a cough that would not let me sleep. By 6am Wednesday I knew I was very sick.

I had some Codral in the morning but by 11 I feeling so gross that all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep the rest of the day. My mum and sister went out and when they came back and saw my condition decided it was best to take me to the doctor. I hate doctors so the fact that I was really willing to go must say something about how sick I was feeling.

Doctor asked me what was wrong. My exact response was "I feel like crap". After describing all my symptoms and discovering my temperature was now up to 39.9 degrees my doctor looks at me and says "I'm wondering if you have influenza. Of the swine variety." He's a funny man. Didn't help me feel any better though. Armed with a perscription for Tamiflu off I go for swabs. Yay.

Can I just say up til this point I was not worried about Swine Flu in the slightest. Ask anyone who knows me and is around me whenever I hear news reports about the H1N1 virus and they will tell you that I'm the girl who goes "Swine? Pffffft whatever, its not even a big deal" but when I heard that I might possibly have it I freaked out. Cried a little too as soon as I got out of the doctors. Mostly because I was worried if I did have it, could I have given it to my little niece or my youth pastor who is pregnant? Headed over to pathology for a throat and nose swab. Oh and the nose swab - yeah it hurts. About 3, maybe 3 1/2 inches shoved up your nostril kinda stings just in case you were wondering. Once that was done they gave me a nice little mask to wear home 'just in case'. Walking around with a mask on with everyone staring at you does not help you feel any better. No sir, makes you feel a little like a freak. I happen to have experience in this area now. So if you see a person walking around with red puffy eyes and a face mask on don't laugh or look at them weirdly, smile positively. That might help a little.

The waiting game. I was told I'd have my results by Friday. Mum rang three times and hey guess what no results. By this time I'm really sick of being house bound. Tamiflu is working a treat and I just want to go out. But no I'm not really allowed to just in case I contaminate the entire Sunshine Coast. Final call that Mum makes they tell me they wont have the results until next week. Good news is I am officially allowed out of the house without a mask on because apparently they've given up on trying to isolate it. So I got to see Harry Potter last night. Loved it by the way.

Anyway, doctor rang this morning. Results are in... negative for Swine!! I am very happy. Means I get to go to school next week and see all my friends!

In other news... my formal dress has arrived in Toowoomba and I'll get to pick it up in a few weeks. And I'm sending in my resume for a full time traineeship at the hospital next year. The week is looking up. Let's hope it stays on a high all weekend.

Love Alexie


Bethwyn said...

Ugh, sorry you've been sick. Flu sucks! Glad you're feeling better now :)

Zoey said...

So glad you're feeling better Lou, and no oinks.. yay!!
We're going to Harry POtter on Tuesday.. can't wait. Were going to go last night but there were about 500,000 people at the cinema so we turned around and walked out.

That's so cool about the traineeship! What's the area you'd be working in? Will be praying for it, when will you find out?
Love ya,
Zoz x


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