Saturday, May 29, 2010


I hope I have have satisfied all of you who were dying for an update.

I’m going to try really really hard to be better.

Birthday party.

I won’t say much because you’ll be able to see from the pictures that I had such a lovely time. I was so blessed with presents (and a drink made up especially in my honour by the barman) and lovely speeches and I want to thank everyone for coming.


Marina and I.


My beautiful youth Pastor Michelle and her baby Leela


Some of my guests: Hannah, Mel, Jordan, Kayla, Uncle Pete and Meaghan.


My school friends: Rhett, Tayla, Me, Danielle, Marina, Marcus, Mark and Kendall.


More guests: Julie, Erin, Amelia, Anita and Jeremy.


Michelle, Luke, Lachlan, Bethanie, Mayana and Zoey.

 IMGP3908 Sister Love.


I love this photo of my sisters.


My best friend. Please also note my Piña colada -  not virgin.


Me, Mich and Zoey.




Cutting the cake.

Legal Adult.

For my 18th birthday my lovely sister and her fiancé organised for me to go horse riding.

Those you of that know me well would know what I consider myself a country girl at heart, a bit of McLeod's Daughter and have always wanted to go horse riding. What a perfect present.

But on the morning of my birthday my sister got a text saying that the horse I was supposed to ride had got caught up in some barbed wire and had some pretty bad cuts on his legs. Not good shape for riding unfortunately. I had no idea at the time what was going on.

We went to church and then when we got home Mum told me to get on some clothes to go to Kenilworth. I love Kenilworth so I thought this sounded pretty good. We had lunch at Nana McGinn’s (lovely café in the main street) and then we headed off to a friend of ours (Suki) Farm. They told me of the plan for me to ride a horse and about the accident which meant I couldn't. And then they told me their back up plan.

I could spend some time with some horses that are too old to ride but perfect for cuddling. I was pretty happy with the alternative anyway.


Meet Legs. He’s about 20. I got to cuddle him and talk to him and brush his mane. Country girl heaven.




I look like I belong right?

My horse ride will be happening soon. The horse is nearly healed and all ready to go. I can’t wait!

Brisbane Trip.

I’d been missing some of my school friends and decided we all needed to have a catch up. One of my lovely friends (Danielle) moved to Goldie at the beginning of the year and I hadn’t seen her since then. So we decided to jump on some trains and meet in the middle.


Marina, Danielle and I got on the train at 7am (commitment no?) and met Danielle in the city. It was such a lovely day. We shopped til we dropped (literally) ate so much food and just caught up. We have another get in the planning stages.

Some pictures…


Just arrived at Brisbane train station.


First stop – breakfast. We walked over to South Bank and went to this cute cafe with the loveliest staff of all time. So much fun.


You know in suddenly 30 how they go on about Razzles? Well we found them. ‘They’re both a candy and a gum’ and they are fairly gross but we felt cool.


Our first purchase. Cute skirts from the markets. only $10. what a bargain!


Shopping got a little much for Danielle.


Soaking up each others company. That's the worst thing about not going to school anymore - not seeing everyone.


I bought some sunnies to match the girls.


We had crepes for lunch.


And then after a little more shopping we went to Starbucks.


Just before we left to go home again. Me with all my shopping.

It was such a lovely day and I can’t wait for the next one. I love my girls.


I’m taking you back because its been awhile.

As is tradition in this family, we headed off to Easterfest. Best time of the year. It was our tenth year attending and it was as good as ever. Can’t wait for next year!

The best part was probably me sponsoring a child. His name is Israel and he is adorable! I'll scan his picture onto the computer and show you all sometime.

A few pictures for you… not in order of days. Just some favourites.


Jordan and Mel.


Mama and Papa.


New Empire <3




Spacifix. They’re waaaay cool.


My lovely niece and I.


In the mosh pit with Hannah.


Trying to take a picture of Playjerise. And this guy thought I was taking a picture of him. Hence his face. I laugh every time I look at it.


Bethanie and Lachlan.


Newsboys. Or DC Talk. Depending on which way you look at it.


A very small part of the crowd.


Kayla, myself and Meaghan. Just as the night is about to begin.


Hannah and I.


Zoey, Pete and Mama.


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