Monday, July 6, 2009

Family Holiday

I really love hanging out with my family so I'm pretty excited for this week's adventure. We are off to the Bunya Mountains which, according to, is "a mountain paradise, peacefully nestled adjacent to 11,700ha of subtropical rainforest National Park".

Pademelon Lodge - the place we're staying

Pretty sure there isnt actually all that much to do there, maybe a few national park walks or something. But I'm pretty content to just hang out with the family, read a good book in front of the fire place (yes!) and eat all the yummy food we are taking.

Will update with pictures and all the details when I get back.

Love Alexie.


Zoey said...

Yay! I can't wait either!

Tambrey said...

We do have fun together don't we? Better do a little bush walk a day to keep the exercise food balance thing right. I packed the food bag, I know what's in there!!! Love Mama.


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