Wednesday, July 15, 2009

blog this challenge

Bought something fabulous lately? Wanna share? Wanna brag? Blog some pictures, write a sonnet about it, tell the story about how you got it in the house without your husband noticing. What made you buy it? Have you been secretly coveting it for a while? Or are you an impulse shopper. And of course, now you have it, was it worth it??

Okay so due to the fact that I don't have a job (sorry but school takes priority right now) and only recieve $12 a week for pocket money, most things I buy are paid for with my mother's debit card. However, on Monday I splurged a little and bought a new movie! Yes, I am a movie fan. I love this movie. If you are a chick flick fan and havn't seen this I suggest you go and hire it or even buy it! It follows the romantic tales of William Hayes (Ryan Reynolds - another reason to watch it. He is quite good looking) as he recounts his loves and losses to his daughter. For more information on this lovely movie go to imdb.

Seriously, worth the watch. Oh oh and.... I got it on sale for $13. Yay!


carly_grace said...

my boyfriend and i usually buy our movies from blockbuster - they are forever putting up exrentals at very low prices even those just released! im a big movie fan and love this movie. i too own it - bought it from blockbuster 2 weeks after it came out for 14.95 :) but i got to see it at the movies for valentines day :)

oh and totally agree with you on ryan reynolds!

***Amy*** said...

I was also so totally suprised that i liked this. When i rented it out, i was so ready to hate it....but it turned out to be a lovley, really sweet love story.

Good purchase!


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