Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Will be the death of me. I kid you not. I realise my brain is still growing and this is the opportune moment to fill it with knowledge but I don’t think I can fit all this biological knowledge into my brain. If you only knew how much they teach in one lecture (and how fast they go) you would feel super sorry for me.

My other classes are going great! I love Intro to Midwifery Practices. Even though it’s all theory and ethical frameworks it at least is about my chosen field.

More later, the lecturer just called an end to our very very short break : )

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Day.

Right now I am sitting in the air conditioned comfort of my university’s library. My lecture finished early and I have a plethora of time until my train home so I thought ‘what better to do in this time than to update my 19 lovely followers on my first official day’. So here I am. Updating.

I caught the train at the oh so reasonable hour of 10.00am. Had my first mini freak out when I realised there was no parking left at the train station and I had 10 minutes until my train left. I circled around, praying up a storm, until FINALLY I got a park.Thank you Jesus. With about 3 minutes to spare I raced up the stairs, onto the platform and into the train. Train journey – uneventful, except for a Spanish tourist who serenaded the entire train… for the entire journey.

So my first lecture. Not at all what I expected. The Lecturer was not boring, she didn't stand behind her desk and read off her notes and she most certainly did not make me yawn. Far from it. She was funny, entertaining and kept doing this frustrated-point-at-the-computer-and-yelp dance whenever the ‘next’ button on the remote failed to make the next slide appear.

It was mostly an introduction to the unit coupled with housekeeping type rules and an overview of assessments (no exams!).

The only thing I really learnt today is these two little piece of information:

1. You know when you have a gastro type virus and people suggest that you drink flat lemonade because it’ll give you energy? Well apparently that is not at all the thing to do. Here’s the thing - lemonade is full of glucose and sugar all of which, sits in your empty stomach. Your body recognises that there is a mass amount of glucose in the stomach to digest and sends every last piece of fluid (that you haven’t already gotten rid of) to the stomach in order to enable digestion thus sucking your body dry of whatever fluid it did have left, making you more dehydrated and lethargic. Not to mention the fact that your stomach is now full of more sugary goodness to… squirt get rid of. Not at all the desired result.

2. Any drink with caffeine or glucose in it does not count towards your recommended 2 litres of fluid intake per day.  Having, say, five cups of coffee and a few juices during the day does not suffice. When they say drink 2 litres of fluid… they really do mean water.

So yeah, put that in your pipe and smoke it, or whatever it is that they say!


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