Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shameless plug..

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Hope you're all having a lovely week.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Point & Shoot - And they call the thing rodeo


I love the rodeo. There’s something about it.. the bulls, the horses, the manly riders..I honestly love it all. There’s even a part of me that daydreams about being a nurse on the rodeo circuit someday!

The love affair began last year when I attended the Kenilworth Rodeo. It’s just a small town rodeo but a lot of circuit riders compete making it an all day event. I’m pretty sure I sat in the same spot on the grandstand for most of the day just watching, trying to understand the rules of every event. And by the end of the day I was hooked.

I convinced my parents to take me to the Warwick Rodeo later in the year. Warwick Rodeo is known as ‘Australia’s Most Famous’ and it basically goes for a whole week, starting Monday and ending Sunday night. Last year we just went for the day on Saturday and a new tradition was formed. This year we arrived at about 11am and didn’t leave til 11pm. Man oh man was the day action packed. 7 ambulances (nothing too serious before you ask just some broken bones), countless riders and all the events that I love.


We stayed in Killarney (about 1/2 hour away from Warwick) Saturday night so it made sense that we did a little exploring in the morning. We started our exploration at Queen Mary Falls, literally right down the road from where we stayed. It was beautiful! From there we went to Killarney town and, being the huge McLeod’s Daughters lover that I am, posed for a photo in front of the town sign. After walking the main street we headed off for New South Wales. That’s right, it was just a 5km drive to the state border! We took the obligatory ‘straddling the state line’ pictures before the long drive home (long only because we travelled via Toowoomba!).

I can’t wait to do it again next year!

p.s. If you want to play along… head on over to Sunny & Scout and join in!


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