Sunday, October 18, 2009

I've been to heaven

I have a new favourite place. It’s a beautiful cafe, new to the Noosa Civic, called Chocolat. For weeks my mum and I have walked past the shop, waiting for it to open so we can try it out. Well it finally opened and try it we did. Zoey, Bethanie, Mayana, Mum and myself toddled off on Saturday morning to indulge in a ‘chocolate high tea’. This ‘high tea’ was only $30 and served 2, although 2 of us struggled to finish it.


Basically, each of us got a silver platter with about 6 little chocolate desserts on it. Our eyes grew wide, our mouths began to drool and our stomachs grumbled. But this was not all that was brought out to us.


A white chocolate Panacotta with a strawberry coulis was then brought out. We sat, wondering how on earth we were meant to eat all of this delectable food when suddenly, our waitress appeared once more carrying this:

creme brulee

A chocolate crème brûlée. I can’t even begin to explain how heavenly these desserts were. One word that pops into mind is AMAZING!!

So we begin. Eating, talking, eating, talking, laughing, eating, laughing hysterically,  getting full now, giggling uncontrollably. Then, the pièce de résistance arrives. A hot chocolate shot.


This is basically liquid chocolate. I kid you not. And if we weren’t on a sugar high prior to this, we certainly were after.


all done

An hour and a half later we rolled out of the shop, more full than I have ever been in my entire life. Like I said, I have a new favourite place. I plan on going here a lot. I’ll probably get fat, but it will totally be worth it.


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! That does sound like a slice of heaven to me! Oh how I wish they'd open a store over here...YUM!!


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