Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lovely Luggage

In November I am heading over to Perth for 40 days!! 3 weeks by myself for schoolies. Well not exactly by myself. I am heading over to a very large extended family most of whom I haven't seen in a few years. I’m pretty excited. Then after my schoolies break, the rest of my family are coming over for another 3 weeks – our first big family holiday in quite some time.

So I’m starting to get ready for my upcoming trip. First on my list of priorities, some carry on luggage. I wanted something really nice, not black, not ugly – but really pretty. At the moment I’m in Toowoomba, visiting Zoey, Pete & Mayana. Most of you probably don’t know this, but Toowoomba has a pretty decent shopping scene. Every time I come here I manage to find awesome bargains. Anyway, we were just casually shopping on Tuesday afternoon when we stumbled into Strandbags. As always I go and have a casual glance at the carry on luggage and low and behold I find the luggage for me! It’s purple, it has a beautiful pattern and it looks like a handbag!! Oh yes, this luggage was obviously made just for me. I quickly text my mother and some minutes later I am the proud owner of this baby:

 September 09 00355

September 09 00356

I can’t wait for November! Lookout Perth – Alexie is coming.


Zoey said...

Hello my gorgeous.
I just gave you a lovely blog award. Cos I think your blog is lovely.

See you Friday!
Love you billions,
Zoey x

Anonymous said...

Best $40 I ever spent!!! Love Mama.


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