Monday, September 21, 2009

and the 'slackest blogger of all time' award goes to...


I am well aware its been weeks since my last post. But I have an excuse I promise. The life of the busy grade 12 student totally takes over and can I just say... when people told me that term 3 was going to be busy they weren't joking. For example, week 8 I had seven pieces of assessment. That's seven big year 12 assessments in 5 days. Joy of joys. But hey I've made it through and I'm back to blogging. It's holidays now so hopefully I'll have lots of time to post things.

So I thought I'd share with you a list of things I have to do on my lovely 2 week holiday:
1. Finish updating my resume - I'm applying for a full time traineeship at the hospital next year so this one is kinda important.
2. Fill out my QTAC preferences - aka apply for uni. Still debating which uni to put as preference number one. I'll let you know which one I end up picking.
3. Hang out with my friends - most of them are going away but there are a few that I desperately need to catch up with, the ones who are not in year 12 and have been constantly ditched in order for me to do school work. Having no social life sucks.
4. Celebrate my parents 25th wedding anniversary
5. Visit a different youth while my youth takes a break over the holidays
6. Sleep in - seriously need to catch up on some zzz's
7. Spend some time with my lovely big sister, her husband and my gorgeous niece - I'm really looking forward to going to Toowoomba by myself for once. I wont have to share Mayana with anyone!
8. Do a massive clean and chuckout of my cupboard - my theory is if I get rid of all the clothes I dont actually wear that are taking up space in my wardrobe, my parents will see the lack of actually wearable clothing in there and be required to buy me some more.
9. Finish writing a song that I started weeks ago - need some lyrical inspiration.
10. Finish reading my english novel - The Power of One. I'm liking it a whole lot better than the Lord of the Flies (which was last terms english novel).

So thats my plan...

Have a good day!



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