Thursday, September 3, 2009

Letter to QCS

Dear QCS,

Well, I can't say I'm sorry to see you go. I'm actually pretty happy that our time is up. I'd like to say you've been fun but quite frankly you were pretty boring. Okay wait, there were parts of you that I did enjoy. The nice, long, relaxing lunch breaks for example. They, my friend, were great. So thanks for that. Also thank you for making your short response so much easier than the practise one.

After months and months of preparing for you - you're finally over. And I'm a little relieved. One of my big milestones of Grade 12 over and done with.

I'll always remember you.

Love Alexie (Student Number '08 2765 0020 3' - or something like that anyway)


***Amy*** said...

Funny! This made me reflect on my own QCS really is a rite of passage!

Bethwyn said...

Congratulations! I never finished high school, dropped out in August of year 12 so I never actually went through this myself, but I do remember stressing a lot over exams, so I bet it's a big relief for you to be done!


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