Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The time I got a job…

I ran out of money. Literally. I had $35 left in my bank account and two bills due the following week. Nothing else to do but get a job. I decided that working in the nursing industry would be best for a budding nurse like myself so I applied for AIN/PC jobs at all the local nursing homes. Well. One of them just happened to give me an interview and within a few days I started work as a Personal Carer (and paid my bills!).
It’s pretty bizarre working in aged care because it is the complete opposite of what I want to do: deliver babies. It’s tiring, physically demanding and full on sometimes. But it’s still nursing and it’s all experience.
The residents are absolutely the best part of my job. Boy oh boy are some of them hilarious (most without even trying to be!). So get yourselves prepared for stories. Because I’ll most definitely be posting stories. Some will involve the cute things they say. Some will detail all the awkwardness that comes with showering, changing clothes and nudity. And just warning you right now - there will definitely be some poo and wee stories! I hope though that they provide you with laughs and a bit of an insight into what lays ahead for us all… old age.



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