Monday, August 10, 2009

mundubbera fun

So this weekend my family and I headed off to Mundubbera for the first ever Multi-cultural Festival. I'll try and sum it up in one sentence: a dirt strip with stalls, food and rides down both sides, plenty of entertainment and camel rides.

A few pictures...

The Mundubbera Multi-cultural festival in all its beautiful glory
(please note this is only a tiny bit of it behind me was a fair bit more)
Mum and I wearing our hideous Mundubbera hats - not so sexy but great for shade!

Aunty Nelle, Mum and I sharing the world's biggest Fairy Floss.

We ate Quail. Yes we did. Deep fried Quail to be precise.

Getting ready for our camel ride!!

These beasts are pretty tall just in case you didnt know.

Pretty dang stoked.

I did lots of new things this weekend:
1. Drove for an extended period of time at 100 km!!! (please note - I have not been the most enthusiastic learner up til now, this is big for me.)
2. Ate a Quail. You might remember from my 15 facts about me that I don't eat chicken so it was pretty interesting eating what was, lets face it, basically a mini chicken.
3. Rode a camel. Oh how I loved it. Definetly going to do it again.
4. Tuned a banjo. Which decided to turn on me, break a string and stab me. Thank you banjo.
5. Oh oh and I won a blog this challenge! Very exciting!!

Good weekend me thinks.


Jessica said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend! xx

Liss said...

That looks like a hoot!!

Alexie - can you please contact me at re: Blog This? Thanks xx

Zoey said...

I wanna go on a camel ride!!!
Looks like fun Alexie... wish we had been there :( Next year!!

I love the photo of mum and aunty nelle with the quail. Love it.

Can't wait till THURSDAY!!!!


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