Saturday, August 1, 2009

Marina's 17th!

From left to right, top to bottom

-Marina (the birthday girl) and I
-Cake time
-Danielle and I
-Danielle G, the mouse (duh)
- My best friend in the whole world
-The Gang
-Tayla doing (non-alcoholic of course) Jelly shots

Typical Marina party, we all had to dress up as something either magical or Alice in Wonderland-ish. I dressed as a tree spirit. Can't really see in the pictures but I had some lovely gold makeup all over my face. We had lots of fun running around like idiots, taking photos and playing silly games. I won pass-the-parcel, and ate waaaayyyyy to much food.
Oh how I love my friends.


Anonymous said...

…and then, suddenly, you snap out of it. You’re still the same person,
but everything in your head has shifted. You’re either new, or normal again.
Same difference, maybe. You’re exactly like yourself,
but as seen through someone else’s eyes.
They forgive your flaws in ways that you cannot,
and are far more generous in their estimation of your strengths.
You’re skeptical, just a little bit,
but willing to believe that they are right about you.
It takes this enormous weight off of your shoulders,
and with feet firmly on the ground,
you nevertheless feel as though you’re light enough to just float away.
You’re still the same, and the problems haven’t gone away,
but you’re calm and assured.
It’ll be okay.


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