Monday, February 21, 2011

O Week

So today my friend Tayla and I ventured down to Uni for the beginning of O Week. We arrived just after 10.30am and headed straight over to the Student Centre to get my ID photo taken. Boy am I glad I’m a student again. I’ve missed all those lovely student discounts the past year! Hello cheap movie tickets, bus fares and train rides, it’s so nice to see you again.

A quick visit to the bookshop and library and we were armed with free t-shirts and the Uni’s guide to referencing and deciphering assignments. How nice of them.

We then ventured off the the Gardens Point campus which is only a 10 minute free shuttle bus drive away from the main campus of the uni. Gardens Point backs onto the Brisbane Botanical Gardens and is situated right next door to Parliament House. The entrance and first few buildings were part of the original University and are so lovely and old. I only have one class over at Gardens Point (a bioscience practical lab eeek!) but I can already tell it’s going to be one of my favourite places.

I attended my first lecture. Granted it was on overseas study/exchange programs and nothing of earth shattering importance but still, it made it seem real. I tried my best to learn my way around but the lay-out is confusing to say the least so I think it may take me a while. I bought my first drink from the Kitchen. I found the Uni Lolly Shop. I scored a bunch of freebies from the Student Guild. I bought a duffel bag and a travel mug because I’m cool like that.

It’s just beginning to daunt on me I think. As of next week I’m a full time Nursing/Midwifery student who is going to be in Brisbane four days a week. I’m a little scared and nervous but super excited at the same time.

But I think I’m going to like it.


Zoey said...

Woohoo!! I"m so proud of you sis. You'll have to show me around your lovely campus some day.

Love you lots!!

Zoey x

(Ps, your new blog layout is totally awesome!!! :P )


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