Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year. New blog.

2011 has been a highly anticipated year for me since I decided back in grade 11 that I was going to have a gap year. I so wish I could have continued onto Uni as soon as I finished school but because I chose to go to a Brisbane Uni rather than the local Uni I had to take a one year break from study and earn some serious money. Having finally completed this task I am SO ready to begin my higher education experience.

I am officially enrolled in a dual degree of nursing and midwifery with classes commencing on 28 February 2011. I've selected my first year, first semester classes, I've had all three Hepatitis B vaccination needles (a must for any future nursing student) and I'm slowly forcing myself to think seriously about my accommodation situation for this year. I know I want to be at home as much as possible and I know I'm not ready to move out full time. But with a hectic schedule for at least two, possible three, days of the week I know I'm not going to want to travel back and forth from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast and I'll need some place to stay on those days. I've just been keeping that particular issue right at the back of my mind. Probably about time to drag it to the front.

But first things first. I started a blog about a year and a half ago because I was inspired by a few people I know who not only blog regularly, but always have the most entertaining/thought provoking/lovely posts (namely Ramblings of a Wife and Mama, Sunny + Scout, and 3 Little Cuties). I did not however feel I had anything entertaining/thought provoking/lovely to write about. I wrote about my year 12 life and put up, what I realise now was, an overload of pictures which probably interested no one but my mum. Then I graduated and started working in a law firm and stories just didn't seem worthy of being written on the internet for all to see. Therefore my blog became a chore-like activity and eventually fizzled into nothing. Literally. My last post was in August.

But now I'm a Uni student I finally feel like I have something to write about that people might actually read and be interested in! Hence the name change, the new design and *fingers crossed* more regular posts. I plan on using this blog to relay stuff I learn at Uni, things and people I'll discover while on pracs and to keep certain family members (who I know read this blog) informed about the general things in my life.

I hope you like the change. It's made me excited.


Jessica said...

Awesome new blog idea! Looking forward to reading your posts :)


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