Monday, March 15, 2010

School Photos

I decided to play along with Kelly.

Then I realised I don’t really have any school photos from Primary school because my family never bought them. People always think that's weird but it was so normal for us we never even asked.

I have one school photo from when I was in grade 5. One of those cute little family ones with my little brother. But the photo is hideous for two main reasons:

1. A have the most insane windburn. I look like I’ve taken a handful of strawberry jam and smeared it all around my mouth
2. A girl in my class thought it would be funny to cut a section of my hair. Right at the front. I don't know how she did it but she managed to cut a huge chunk of my hair without me even realising it (until I got home and Mum pretty much freaked). The result – a weird spiky looking fringe that required a very wide headband for a couple of months.

So I won’t be gracing my blog with that photo anytime soon.

I have my year 12 photo but I really can’t be bothered scanning it to the computer. so I'm giving you the next best thing. My last ever school photo used for our graduation ceremony. I’m particularly proud of it because I’d just got my braces off the day before. Hence the huge smile.



One day soon I’ll dedicate a post to all my ID cards. Then you can get a real picture of how I looked at school.


Kellyansapansa said...

That is such a beautiful photo - you look gorgeous and your teeth are so perfect. Thank you so much for playing!

GregoryJ said...

Great photo, beautiful subject.
I came from Kelly's. I played along, too.


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