Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Officially Employed


Sorry that its been so long since I’ve last written… I’ve been super busy at my new job! That’s right ladies and gentlemen this graduate is not longer unemployed.

I applied for a few jobs and didn’t really hear anything so I was doing some fill in work for my dad’s work, while checking seek.com everyday hoping that something better would pop up. One fine day after several minutes flicking through the ads I found one for me. A secretary in a Law Firm. Not only did I take Legal Studies as a subject in my senior years, I also duxed.. which got me to thinking this could be the perfect gap year job.

I applied. A few days later I get an email saying that I had been narrowed down to the shortlist and would I be available for an interview. Heck yes I would!

Monday. I rock up, get asked some questions, get told alot of information that made my brain hurt just a little and walk out, feeling good about it. They tell me that they’ll get  back to me by the end of the week.

Wednesday. I’m chilling at my Aunty Joce’s house when my mobile rings. I answer and am very pleased to discover that I got the job! And that I’d be starting the following week.

So what do I do? Basically:

1. Get the mail every morning and post the mail every afternoon.
2. Answer the phone every time it rings and transfer to the appropriate person.
3. Print faxes and emails and give them to whoever needs them.
4. Scanning. A lot of scanning.
5. Do ALOT of filing. Which I have to admit is probably my favourite part of the job. Some of our Client’s (not that I’m allowed to say too much about them) are really interesting.
6. Typing from the Dictaphone. I like to picture myself like this:


But I’m not really that cool because I only have a computer and my hair is definitely not as perfect as that.
7. Basically anything else I’m told to do. For example today I was with the Big Boss, finalising files, doing costing and typing up Contracts. It’s all very exciting.


This is me on my first day of work. What do you reckon – Legal Secretary or what?


Anonymous said...

That's SSSOOOO cool!!! I'm glad you've got a job now. Good luck.

danielle. said...

ohh my gosh. i actually got teary reading this. that's how proud i am :D

Danielle said...

comgrats on the new job, you totally rock the legal secretary :)

Kellyansapansa said...

You look fantastic - good luck with the new job, it sounds perfect for you!


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